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The Przasnysz District has been among the most pro-investment counties in Poland for years. All strategic actions aim at making the district’s development more dynamic and at making the economic, investment, tourist and social spheres more competitive and effective. Such actions lead to and create well - balanced development (including the rural areas), form social capital,  improve the citizens'  quality of living and have an influence on improving the spatial, social and economic cohesion.

Projects which are treated with priority contribute to the realisation of the actions mentioned below:

I. Improvement of the district’s transport  infrastructure  - roads, railway.

Road infrastructure is one of the main accessibility factors to district’s areas for potential investors and tourists. The roads in Przasnysz District are of very good quality, what enables the location of new business entities as well as the development of cooperation between  existing businesses and external companies. What is more, the district self - government in cooperation with self - government of Chorzele Commune and Marshal Office of the Mazovia province makes effective efforts to reactivation of the railway line No.35 Chorzele - Ostrołęka, what would lead to starting the rail connections in the county of Przasnysz.

II. Creating favourable conditions for location of new economic activities and for improving district’s innovative potential - economic spheres,  providing natural gas and electricity.

Apart from the Przasnysz Economic Zone, the district authorities are creating the Economic Zone in the town of Chorzele.

It is seen as the alternative without investment restrictions, which are created by the vicinity of the airport in Sierakowo. In order to supply the Zone and the northern area of the district with electricity, the local authorities, in cooperation with PGE Distribution S.A, build a high voltage power line WN 110kV at the section Przasnysz- Chorzele. Such high voltage power line will provide the power reserve to the future investors and the energy safety to inhabitants of the district.

The significant objective of district self - government is providing natural gas to the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo by the end of 2016. Such declaration was made by the Mazovian Gas Company. According to common establishments the next step will be to built the gas network in the town of Przasnysz, in Przasnysz Commune and in the town of Chorzele together with the places situated at the gas main line.

Pro-developmental activities undertaken by the Przasnysz DIstrict bring  tangible results. In the past 16-year period the county government  realised the investments worth about 400 million zł. That includes the reconstruction of over 390 km of roads and modernisation of  medical, educational, sports and security bases. Currently  the District Office is working  on providing comprehensive infrastructure to  the new areas of economic activity. That is the way in which the district authorities carry out their tasks of  reducing unemployment and improving the quality of the labour market. In 2016-2020 new big investments are being planned.

The Przasnysz District performs the highest number of infrastructure tasks per capita in Poland, with virtually no debt. Since 2003, the Przasnysz District ranks among the top most pro-investment Polish local governments. In all kinds of statistics and rankings of the most pro-investment Polish local governments, the rankings for obtaining EU funds, rankings which  assess economic activities, and finally rankings assessing effectiveness in meeting the social needs of the residents – the county, in long-term statistics, is on the first place in Poland. This is confirmed by the results of previous years' rankings and the latest ranking of the year 2015 which positioned  the the Przasnysz District on the 1st place in Poland in respect to the amount of gained EU funds.

For any investor who chooses to locate  their  plant in the Przasnysz Economic Zone or the Special Economic Zone the district offers cheap, fully developed plots of land for service, industrial, trade and air activities. The Przasnysz District owns also plots allocated for housing development with an area of about 13 hectares. These plots of land are located in the best  districts of Przasnysz and Chorzele, near swimming pools, sports fields, parks and beautiful nature. The plots can serve as living facilities for future investors and can facilitate the influx of new workers employed in companies located in the SEZ.


  • valid Land Development Plan of Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo;

  • providing full infrastructure for the area of Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo;

  • tax exemption (CIT or PIT) – if an entrepreneur decides to invest on the area of SEZ, the profit gained from business-related activities within the zone will be exempted from income tax (CIT – tax on artificial persons or  PIT – personal income tax , depending on the legal form of the economic activity);

  • area  ready for any investments at a competitive price;

  • free of charge help in arranging investment related formalities;

The investment benefits:

  • good location – short distance to Warsaw, Olsztyn, Płock;

  • highly-qualified workforce;

  • constant increase in the number of small and medium companies, treated as potential co-operators and receivers of goods and services;

  • dynamic growth of production and export as well as the increase in the employment in  large industry and service sector companies- such facts vindicate the durability of localization of their business activity in the county of Przasnysz (KROSS, BEL, ABB);

  • good transport system (including air communication);

  • the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo adjoins the area designated for the grassy landing field as well as for  buildings and appliances used in the airline transport;

  • modern health care base located in the town of Przasnysz;

  • high quality of education base (high schools, post- high schools and colleges) and the possibilities of education in accordance with the economy needs;

  • readiness to cooperate with potential investors in the Przasnysz District, which is highly experienced in gaining funds from EU (1st place in the 2004-2014 ranking) on the field of  investment planning and investment execution, and especially on the field of geodesic works, activities connected with gaining building permissions, cooperation in staff recruitment and training  and enlargement of accompanying infrastructure;

  • the Przasnysz District started a cooperation with an energy trade investor in order to build on the area of the Zone gas piping and cogenerative energy appliances;

  • beautiful, unpolluted areas near the town of Sierakowo - as a great recreational site;

  • the Mazovian Winter Sports Centre in Chorzele (ice-rink, swimming pool) as an active recreation backup.

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Data: 2022-07-07