przasnysz commune
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06-300 Przasnysz, ul. Św. St. Kostki 5, tel./fax 29 752 22 70, pon.,śr.,czw.,pt. godz.: 8:00-16:00, wt.: 7:00-16:00

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The Poviat of Przanysz is situated in the northern part of Mazovian Voivodship. It covers an area of 1.218 square kilometers which is about 0.4% of the area of Poland. The population is 53,562 of whom 36% are town residents and 64% rural dwellers.

Population density is 45 people per square kilometre.
The administrative district is divided into seven communes, 185 village councils and 292 villages.
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Data: 2022-05-23