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06-300 Przasnysz, ul. Św. St. Kostki 5, tel./fax 29 752 22 70, pon.,śr.,czw.,pt. godz.: 8:00-16:00, wt.: 7:00-16:00

economy of the poviat

The Poviat Council supports the development and entrepreneurial initiatives and with this aim it has been created an “Information Bank." (Tel./fax 0-29 7522270 ext. 205/123). The Department for Promotion and Economic Development gives detailed information concerning investment opportunities and economic co-operation. In the years 1999-2004 a transformation took place. During this period many companies, both Polish and foreign, have profited from the advantageous conditions for development. There are currently 2,186 registered businesses in the poviat.

To the favourable economic developments we should also add:

  • the significant growth in the Przasnysz region following the creation of the Przasnysz Poviat,

  • the good condition of the natural environment and large amount of forested areas is an important factor in attracting tourists to the area,

  • the high utilization of farm land and use of natural organic fertilizers,

  • great possibilities for growth in organic farming,

  • advantageous geographical location with good road communication and proximity to Warsaw, Plock, Ciechanow and Ostroleka,

  • a high percentage of people at working age,

  • constant growth in the number of small and medium enterprises,

  • a dynamic growth in production, export and employment in the existing large industrial and service companies,

  • low land prices plus a significant area reserved for development,

  • a large reserve of electrical energy and good telecommunications,

  • modern health service facilities,

  • a high standard of educational facilities (high schools, post matura, and higher education),

  • pro-investment budget and low poviat debts,

  • poviat experience in realization of the large investment projects including those co-financed from EU funds.

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Data: 2022-05-23