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Chorzele Commune

The municipality and commune of Chorzele are located in the northern part of Przasnysz District. The square area of the region is 371.53 km2. The commune is subdivided into 41 village administration units, including 66 villages in total. The total number of both urban and rural inhabitants is 10.117.






The most ancient human settlements in Chorzele region dated back to the Neolithic age (i.e. 4500-1800 BC). During La Tene and Roman periods between 500 BC and the first centuries AD, there used to be a large burial ground on the Łysa Góra. In 1542, King Zygmunt 1st the Old, founded the town based on the Magdeburg law and in 1551 a parish was established in the region. In 1565 Chorzele included 121 homesteads and was regarded as a major beer-brewing and iron-manufacturing centre.






After the 3rd partition of Poland, the city was annexed into the Prussian possessions. In 1807 Chorzele was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and in 1815 - into the Kingdom of Poland. The unique characteristics of the town could be attributed to the fact that it neighboured with the state border. It used to be a major horse and cattle trade centre.

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