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06-300 Przasnysz, ul. Św. St. Kostki 5, tel./fax 29 752 22 70, pon.,śr.,czw.,pt. godz.: 8:00-16:00, wt.: 7:00-16:00

Krasne Commune

Krasne Commune is located in the southern part of Przasnysz District and occupies a square area of 100.94 km2, which accounts for 8.3% of the total area of the district. The commune includes

26 village administration units grouping together 53 villages and is inhabited by 4,136 residents.






The region is located in vicinity of two communes belonging to Ciechanów District and other two communes being a part of Maków District. The region's topography is not very diversified. The commune is located in the basin of the Bug and the Narew rivers upon the Ciechanów Upland. The main water-course is the Pełta crossing the west part of the region. The landscape is predominated by arable fields, compact and dispersed settlements and neighbouring greens.






Grasslands and pastures do not occupy much area. Woodlands occupy 4.59 km2 which accounts for 4.5% of the total area of the commune. Most of the region is of a typically agricultural character with arable lands accounting for 89% of the area.

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Data: 2022-07-07