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06-300 Przasnysz, ul. Św. St. Kostki 5, tel./fax 29 752 22 70, pon.,śr.,czw.,pt. godz.: 8:00-16:00, wt.: 7:00-16:00



The origin of Przasnysz District is related to the reform of ducal jurisdiction in Mazovia. In the 16th century, feudal courts were not stationary but circuitous i.e. travelling all around the region, periodically stopping at more significant centres. Those centres, jointly with their inhabitants falling under jurisdiction of relevant feudal courts, were regarded as separate administrational districts. Each district endowed with significant administrational and judicial powers was supervised by a starost (i.e. district commissioner) During the Old Polish period the area of Przasnysz District was ca. 1,825 km2, making it the largest such unit within Ciechanów province. Following the third partition of Poland in 1795 Przasnysz District was taken over by the Hohenzollern Dynasty of Prussia and incorporated into the so-called New Eastern Prussia. As a result of administrational changes introduced by the invading country (1799), the new Przasnysz District emerged. It was comprised of the 3 former districts i.e. Ciechanów, Przasnysz and Niedzborsk. The square area of the district totaled up to 2,743,4 km2 and its population was of 53.8 thousand inhabitants (1813).

This state continued till the implementation of the tsar's administrational reform in 1866 which reduced the district's area to 1,397.5 km2. During World War I, Przasnyski District was incorporated into the Mława Region which was supervised by the Germans (1916). During the Second Republic period, Przasnysz was regarded as a district domicile within the Warsaw Province. Its square area amounted to 1,410.3 km2, whereas its population in 1938 amounted to 69 thousand inhabitants. During World War II, Przasnyszi District was incorporated into the Third Reich and regarded as a sub-section of so-called Regierungsbezirk Zichenau which included other North Mazovian districts. After World War II, Przasnysz District reappeared on the country's administrative map in the same shape as in 1939. It retained its basic form until 1975 when it was subdivided into newly created Ostrołęka and Ciechanów Provinces. After 1st January 1999, Przasnysz District again resumed its independent position upon the administrational map of the country.

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