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06-300 Przasnysz, ul. Św. St. Kostki 5, tel./fax 29 752 22 70, pon.,śr.,czw.,pt. godz.: 8:00-16:00, wt.: 7:00-16:00


Przasnysz poviat has a wonderfully developed education base. In the District there are 40 primary schools, of which there is one for children with special needs, 16 junior high schools, of which one for young pupils with special needs, 5 senior high schools, 2 technical high schools, 3 specialist subject high schools,3 job training colleges, of which one for young students with special needs, 2 building technology colleges and one high school devoted to economics. In all, the number of people attending schools in the district is 6,800.

In the District there are three student residence houses for children and young people and a Psychology-Pedagogic Advice Centre. Since 2001 there has been a Professional Medical College where students can study first aid, dietetics, physiotherapy, child care, home care for the infirm and care for people in social care premises and a department of higher education - the branch of Warsaw's SGGW with a course in inter-faculty studies in the Economical Management of Space.

In the years 1999-2004 the poviat spent about 15 million zloty on investment in education. The money was used to build an Agricultural College with a sports hall in Przasnysz, a sports hall by the school complex in Chorzele and another sports hall by the High School in Przasnysz. Basic renovations were carried out at the High Schools in Przasnysz and Chorzele, the Post Junior High School Educational Complex in Przasnysz and two student residences in Chorzele and Przasnysz.

Apart from state education there is also private education in the form of (in Przasnysz) the Private High School for Adults, the Private Technical College, the Private Foreign Language School, the Independent Professional Technical College, the Independent Education Centre EDUKATOR, and the Independent Primary School for children with special needs, having pre-school rehabilitation project units AGA, treating children with various brain disorders, behavioural problems, hyperactivity, concentration problems and late and erratic development of psychomotor development.

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Data: 2022-05-23