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Krzynowłoga Mała Commune

Krzynowłoga Mała Commune is located in the north-western part of the district. Its square area amounts to 184.4 km2 and is subdivided into 41 village administration units. The region is inhabited by 3,721 residents and its average population density amounts to 20 people per 1 square km, which makes it a rather low-populated area.






The village of Krzynowłoga Mała located in the West, right at the junction of Szczytno-Chorzele-Mława and Przasnysz-Janowo-Nidzica motorways is regarded as the local centre. From the geological point of view, the commune is located on the Mazursko-Suwalskie Upheaval.






Most of the land has an adequate bearing capacity and, hence is regarded as developable. The river network is not extensive.

The Ulatówka and the Morawka rivers flow through the region.

Due to watercourse sub-staging, a water reservoir emerged near the village of Łoje.

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Data: 2022-07-07